Selling Vision: A BTS Sales Transformation Event
August 17, 2016
Chicago, IL

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What You Can Look Forward To

It’s no secret that salespeople struggle to embrace change. Right now, there are approximately twenty-three million salespeople in the US who are struggling to adjust to a changed selling environment. Customers are buying differently and expecting new behaviors from salespeople. Salespeople can see change happening, and they are looking for help in how to respond. 

Lou Schachter, Managing Director of BTS’ Global Sales Practice, and Rick Cheatham, Head of US Sales Practice have teamed up with our research team to address how to stay ahead of marketplace change.  Through BTS research and hands-on client experiences, we have uncovered a critical step that is often overlooked when thinking about change that enables people to sell and drive change and at a quicker pace. 

The new way introduces the notion that most companies are trying to move from what or how they’ve sold in the past (X) to selling new products or a new way in the future (Y).

Organizations often struggle or fail in this shift because it is treated like a behavioral switch to turn off one action and turn on the other. Our approach identifies the critical moment that is missed all the time – the identification of an XY midpoint, where people are selling X and Y simultaneously. By focusing on what it looks like to sell X and Y together (XY), the game changes. People then have a clear understanding of what they need to be doing now so that they can over time move to purely Y.

Please join BTS as we address a growing need that many salesforces are facing today – the need to identify XY within their organization. BTS will use simulation to take you through a new way of identifying the need for a sales transformation while providing a faster path to driving change.  Moreover, you will have the unique opportunity to hear from your peers in the sales enablement and leadership fields to glean ideas on selling the vision for change and achieving the goals you already have in place within your own organization.  


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