Turning Training on Its Head
November 3, 2016
222 Kearny Street, Ste 1000
San Francisco, CA
10:00am - 1:00pm | Lunch included

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A Distinctive Approach from Uber

How can an organization reinvigorate culture while driving both sustained leadership growth and business results? At this event, Becky Karsh, People Development leader at Uber, will discuss how Uber is “turning training on its head” to accomplish just that, through a unique approach to leadership development. This model minimizes classroom learning and instead uses coaching as the key method for shifting mindsets, changing behaviors, and developing new capabilities.

Largely based on one-on-one and peer-to-peer small group coaching sessions completed over a five-month learning journey, this method gives leaders the chance to apply learning to daily business challenges, while simultaneously building their own coaching skills – a critical capability to be a successful people leader. Unlike one-off training programs where sustained, business-related outcomes can be difficult to measure, the frequent contact with participants allows for continuous, tangible insights into the progress being made – from the perspective of the coach, the participant, their teams, and the business. By shifting the focus onto each individual and their actions as a leader, coaching both reiterates their value in the organization and the value that they can bring to their people, while reigniting their belief in the culture. It makes work human again.


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