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BTS Group Signs Agreement with a Major Pharma Company Worth up to $4.485m Over Three Years

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 | Category :
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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN AND STAMFORD, CT – BTS GROUP AB (publ), - the global leader in accelerating strategic alignment and execution, has signed an agreement worth up to $4.485m. The agreement spans three years and BTS has been engaged to develop and deliver an innovative business leadership development program at an existing global phar-maceuticals client.

The leadership development program's purpose is to build business leadership and execution capability in up to 5,000 middle level leaders worldwide.

“We are honored that this existing partner has chosen BTS to build and manage this important strategic initiative which is focused on building business leadership and execution capability across the globe.” says Henrik Ekelund, President and CEO of BTS Group AB. “This is strong evidence of our ability to provide a systematic process to help global organizations accelerate business results by innovating how their leaders learn, change and improve.”

The contract follows an initial deal to provide a broad curriculum of business leadership de-velopment programs for frontline leaders around the globe. This curriculum is up and running and has the objective of building business leadership and execution capability in over 9,000 frontline managers worldwide. The initiative has strong involvement and is supported by the executive leadership team, who see this initiative as critical to transforming the organization and driving execution of their strategic priorities.

Both initiatives provide a wide range of learning components, including initial assessments, online communities, online coursework, and immersive scenario and business simulations. These experiential learning tools will be combined to deliver a comprehensive continuum of learning.

They also incorporate the BTS Advantage Way™ process, which engages senior leaders in a way that creates strong "line of sight" from each learner to their organization's goals and strategic priorities. The process includes built-in mechanisms that capture outcomes, ROI, and anecdotal success cases for replication across the firm.

BTS will develop and deliver the custom middle level manager initiative in 12 different lan-guages at client locations across the globe.

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