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Leadership Does Not Simply Refer to the Few Individuals at the Top - HuffPost Article feat. BTS & Jessica Parisi

Monday, September 25, 2017 | Category :
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HuffPost has published an article sharing insights from Jessica Parisi, President & CEO of BTS USA, on effective leadership development. The article, by Diana Maack Gauthier, is excerpted below.

Leadership Does Not Simply Refer to the Few Individuals at the Top

Although most companies acknowledge the value of effective leadership as a determinant of their success, many businesses struggle to find the optimal formula for their leadership team.

Leadership does not only refer to the few individuals at the top of the organizational hierarchy. Rather, leaders exist at every level of your company, and those individuals are responsible for driving your vision, instilling your core values and developing their respective teams to achieve your company’s objectives. While many businesses attempt to develop leadership initiatives, effective execution can fall short. Resultantly, an increasing number of companies are investing in consultants to help them develop the right leadership teams, and they are reaping the benefits.

Jessica Parisi is the President & CEO of BTS USA, a global professional services firm supporting world-leading businesses with strategy execution, leadership development, and sales transformation. After working with many of the nation’s Fortune 500, Parisi has found that “leaders have to learn and develop faster than their markets are evolving.” According to Jessica, there are certain essentials that will facilitate the growth and development of your leadership team:


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