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In the Spotlight: Why Finance Matters

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 | Category :
    • Accelerator

One of our most robust and popular licensed online titles, Why Finance Matters is designed to build the financial understanding needed to make sound business decisions and drive bottom line results. Why Finance Matters combines finance-related topics and engaging multimedia to allow users, even those who are intimidated by "the language of business," to develop their financial acumen.

Did you know?

  • Current Why Finance Matters clients include Accenture, GE Aviation, Bechtel, and Autodesk
  • Why Finance Matters is customizable 
  • Why Finance Matters includes thirty-six drill down opportunities to learn more about key financial topics, such as accelerated depreciation, net present value and free cash flow 
  • The course includes a glossary with 195 definitions of essential financial terms and concepts 
  • Why Finance Matters provides a case study repository on how leading teams have skillfully employed financial best practices to enhance performance and shareholder value

Why Finance Matters uses a story setting, complete with characters and full-motion video, over a course that includes 11 modules. This provides the context for learning about all aspects of finance, including understanding income statements, balance sheets and important key ratios, calculating return on investment, and conducting sensitivity analyses. Interactive exercises and personal assessments are embedded throughout the course to give users an opportunity to test new concepts and monitor their progress.

Module Overview:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Cash Cycle
  3. Types of Financial Reporting
  4. The Balance Sheet 
  5. The Income Statement 
  6. The Cash Flow Statement 
  7. Financial Statement Analysis 
  8. Cost of Capital 
  9. Economic Profit 
  10. Investment Analysis 
  11. Creating Shareholder Value

Users can access Why Finance Matters at any time, and can complete the modules in any order. This flexibility means the course fits perfectly as a prerequisite, a just-in-time learning adjunct or a stand-alone solution. Secure administrator privileges and LMS integration allow program administrators to monitor course participation and test results.

Key benefits of Why Finance Matters for your learners:

  • A premium quality, introductory "finance for non-finance managers" course that ensures an understanding of core concepts.
  • As a prime activity, in order to level-set a target population before they participate in a business simulation or board simulation program.
  • As a sustain tool that staff can go back to whenever they want, to reinforce core financial literacy concepts.
  • A way to ensure that directors and executives, especially those with non-finance backgrounds, have the necessary financial acumen skills to make sound business decisions (this is an anonymous way that they can all get up to speed).
  • A way to cascade financial literacy skills to managers, so they make better decisions and see how their daily behaviors impact shareholder value and organizational finances.
  • A scalable solution: modules 1-6 could be targeted to managers; more advanced topics in modules 7-11 could be targeted to directors.

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