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Ready For Leadership Development on a Global Scale? Embrace Digital Event Technology

Thursday, February 21, 2019 | Category :
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This is a summary of Ready to Bring Global Teams Together? Embrace Digital Event Technology written by Dave Ackley, Partner and Head of Digital Services at BTS. Read the full article here.

A leadership development offsite can be a galvanizing occasion that brings your global team together to learn, socialize, communicate, align, and agree. But the best events do more than invigorate participants — they yield tangible outcomes.

So, how do you energize participants and get the most out of your leadership training?

In order to capture people’s attention and engage them in leadership programs that drive real business outcomes, you need to forge a strong connection with the participants and make buy-in and alignment to the necessary changes clear and easy. Digital technology makes this possible.

As a result of digital transformation, we have become voracious consumers of knowledge. We require nearly instantaneous access to information wherever we are, precisely when we need it. Digital technology provides us with an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility, which allows us to create the best leadership training possible.

Correctly implemented in leadership development programs, digital tools allow you to:

  • Align around key topics
  • Create learning journeys rather than one-off programs
  • Keep discussions ongoing and collaborative
  • Run business simulations on a global level to a large audience simultaneously
  • Gain insights based on team and individual behavioral and decision-making data

Tangible results don’t happen by default. Digital technology should be part of each step of the design process of the program, not integrated as an afterthought. Leveraging technology that is carefully defined within the design of a leadership development program is paramount for creating successful knowledge transfer.

After establishing the goals of your leadership training program, it is essential to select the types of digital activities that will support these goals. This means identifying the proper scale and location of the program, in addition to any mobile, social, or interactive elements you would like to include.

As the program plays out, you can analyze the data in real-time. Afterwards, the results captured from these types of leadership off-sites provide invaluable insight into the dynamics of leadership teams, individual learning, and how the changes are received.

Curious to learn more? Read the full article here.


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