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Who's Who? Three Leadership Vendors You gotta Know

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | Category :
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The leadership development market is vast; but every so often I come across vendors that simply stand out.  It is my role and privilege to keep you informed of key players and “up and comers.”  There are three in particular I want to bring your attention to today.  One that is a well-established specialty provider, another with a unique focus that is expanding into new global markets, and a third that just keeps getting better. 

More than content developers, these vendors have unique specializations in three distinct areas:

  • Business Simulations
  • High Performance Diagnostics
  • Assessment-based Solutions

BTS – Business Simulations       
A world leader in business simulations, BTS specializes in “level-setting” leaders as it relates to its understanding of how a business functions and increasing the alignment of the visionary strategic direction of a company. The simulations, developed to replicate the actual business processes of its clients, focuses on four primary areas of business (business acumen, leadership, marketing and sales and operations) and takes people from individual contributor to executive-level leader.

Founded 1984, BTS targets mid- to large-sized markets.  Its programs have reached 53 countries and in 13 languages.   Clients include Accenture, AT&T and Sun Microsystems.

For a description of the Sun Microsystems solution, members can access the case study, “Enabling Talent Mobility: Business Simulation at Sun Microsystems Builds Organizational Leadership and Collaboration.” 

Elkiem USA – High Performance Diagnostics  
Based in Australia, Elkiem expanded to the US in 2008.  They consider themselves to be researchers and educators of human high performance.  Through thousands of conversations and engagements with the likes of The Juilliard School and the US and British Armed Forces, as well as astronauts, fighter pilots, athletes, and CEOs, it is safe to say that they understand the specific circumstances that change performance in humans.

Using their flagship diagnostic tool, the High Performance Environmental Structure (HPES) Elkiem provides clarity to corporate leaders as to what the levers are that are available to them to stimulate performance outcomes.  Clients include Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems and GlaxoSmithKline.

Impact Achievement Group (IAG) – Assessment-based Solutions 
Founded in 2002, develops organizations through the assessment, improvement and measurement of the performance of leaders. Its solutions help organizations develop leadership and management skills, raise employee performance levels, and increase retention. Central to the solutions that are offered, is the company’s belief that leaders must have a strong awareness of their strengths and limitations – before they can effectively manage other individuals, groups or organizations. 

Impact Achievement Group’s primary objective is to change the behavior of leaders, which is achieved through a series of assessments and long-term learning solutions (as opposed to one-off or event-driven solutions). Clients include Boeing and Kroger Company.

Members of our Solution Provider Library can access the profiles of each of these solution providers at

Is there a solution provider that you are impressed with that you think I absolutely must know about?  Send me an email at  This space is huge and your help in keeping us informed of outstanding vendors is hugely valuable to us, as well as your peers.


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