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The BTS Quarterly Newsletter includes articles, case studies and more addressing today's topics, challenges and innovations in strategy execution.

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Newsletter - Leadership Culture

Q1 2017 Newsletter

Discover how business growth affects leadership culture, how Coca-Cola is driving business impacts with business simulations, the power of experiential learning journeys for leadership development, and more.

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Q4 2016 Newsletter

Special Edition Journal! Featuring an innovation leadership interview with Felipe de Stefani, SVP & GM at Turner Argentina. Also, the Greatest Hits of 2016: insights on business acumen, strategy implementation, sales and leadership development.

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Q3 2016 Newsletter

Explore brand new insights on why competency models are failing, the importance of business acumen, how to codify leadership experience, and more. Bonus: preview a new digital tool for building business acumen!

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Newsletter - Fostering Collaboration

Q2 2016 Newsletter

Explore the correlation between collaboration and business success, conquer the critical 'last mile' of strategy execution, see how Intuit transformed talent development and hear how to reduce risk when going through sales change.

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