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Business acumen is a critical capability for strategic execution and business success. Business Acumen for the 21st Century is a new, robust and adaptive framework to help executives think about the critical capabilities and leadership skills needed to navigate intensely competitive markets. With volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and the rate of disruption increasing to unprecedented levels, leaders need new skills to help their companies turn strategy into action. Read More

Business Simulations:
Why are They Effective?

What is a business simulation, and how is it effective? Leading corporations are increasingly turning to customized business simulations to help build strategic alignment & execution capabilities.

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How to Build Innovation Leadership Skills

Most innovation initiatives are bound to fail for predictable reasons. Re-inventing your firm takes developing leaders that "get it," and that isn't easy. So how can you build innovation leadership?

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Accelerating Latin American Leadership Development

For Merck, developing leaders in both established & emerging markets is a key priority. Find out how assessment centers and leadership training programs helped achieve these goals.

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