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Hello there,

As concern about the spread of Covid19 grows and global markets decline, the need for great leadership and execution increases exponentially. Businesses are taking precautions to protect their people, and more people are working from home as in-person meetings are being cancelled. If your business is not yet affected, it may be soon.

As clients continue to cancel face-to-face development for safety reasons, it’s good to be reminded of the scalability, flexibility and power of digital virtual learning experiences as an alternative. Doing so allows us all to prioritize safety first, while providing the ongoing development and support your people need most.

For many years, BTS has invested in the technology and research required to deliver powerful experiences digitally and virtually. Now, we have over 1,000 team members around the world working to convert face-to-face experiences to a virtual environment. As always, your participant experience and business results are our top priorities.

In service of this, as you may have already seen from your Account Manager, we have created R.E.D. Virtual (R - Readiness/E - Execution/D - Development), a collection of ideas and solutions that will help you to keep your business moving while avoiding face-to-face interactions. We provide our perspective and actionable advice on the following:

In all of the case examples, we achieved results with our clients without face-to-face interactions.

A crisis poorly handled makes us weaker and, in the worst case, takes us out of business. A crisis well-handled makes us stronger. The current market and economic situation is uncertain and challenging indeed. But with the right tools and capabilities your organization can come out stronger. Your people will have learned a lot, matured and grown in the way only a difficult time can make us grow.

We are honored and humbled to be your partner through both good times and bad.

All the best,