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Many organizations are questioning the value of their existing competency models. Why? Most competency models these days are very comprehensive and in-depth - isn't that a good thing? Answer: not always. Here's why competency models are failing. Read More

Is Cash Still King?

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You'd probably assume that your leaders know what cash flow is. Yet research shows that 70% of leaders can't pick the correct definition of free cash flow. Cash flow is the essential language of business - so why do your people lack basic financial and business acumen?

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Leading in the Cloud

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Facing huge market and customer changes, a global enterprise software company embarked on a new strategic transformation. To bring it to life, every leader needed to develop new capabilities and behaviors, and shift the company culture

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The Great Playbook

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How can you codify experience? As tenured leaders leave your organization, you don't just lose talent - you lose their experience-based wisdom. So how do you accelerate experience, and get new leaders to great performance, quickly?

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Like "Is Cash Still King?"? Recognize a need to build financial acumen in your organization? The Know the Business Gateway is a new digital tool that provides an engaging introduction to fundamental business acumen. Watch the video here:

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BTS is pleased to announce that two programs designed in partnership with Intuit & MetLife have won Brandon Hall Gold and Silver, respectively. Check out the Gold and Silver winning solutions here.