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The world of non-profit and social change organizations is growing rapidly, with increasing pressures being put on non-profit leaders. Leaders must be able to execute their organization's strategy while facing multiple trade-offs across talent, capital budgets and impact goals. But how? Within this more competitive landscape and with more complex organizations to manage, non-profit leaders need to be developed just like private sector leaders. Read More

Assessment Centers for Senior Leaders

A leading software provider combats cultural friction and accelerates leadership development through a business simulation experience, based on an assessment center.

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What Sales Training Cannot Do

Sometimes (as much as we wish it weren't true), sales training programs are not the answer to your organization's problems. What can sales training not do?

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Your Next Leader Offsite: A Waste of Time

Back by popular demand! Learn why your next leadership offsite will be ineffective, what mistakes you're making, and how to fix them.

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