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Leaders have a challenging position - they must be realistic, but also inspire hope in those that they lead. Naturally leaders want to share positive news, rather than discuss potentially uncomfortable issues. In reality, the role of a leader is to do both. Jessica Parisi, President and CEO of BTS USA, discusses her thoughts in this article originally published on Read Now

No More 'Death by PowerPoint': Revitalize Your Approach with Business Simulations

Business Simulations

Traditional lectures are being overtaken by a new and powerful technique: experiential learning. Rommin Adl, Executive Vice President of BTS, explains why experiential learning is the key to achieving new business and strategic heights.

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Explore the Future…Before You Become a Thing of the Past

Explore the future

Exploring when and where the next disruption to your business will occur isn’t an academic exercise; it should be part of your business rhythm. Peter Mulford, Executive Vice President of BTS and Head of Innovation Practice, demonstrates the value of innovative thinking.

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stevie gold award
stevie silver award

BTS is pleased to announce that we have been awarded both Gold and Silver Brandon Hall Awards with Sabre and SAP, respectively. To learn more, read the release here.