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Many companies in traditional industries see technical partnerships as a key part of their digital transformations. However it is paramount to ask: how symbiotic are these relationships in the longer term? Read Now

Leadership is Contextual - So Develop Leaders in the Moments They Experience

leadership development

Companies often define employee success in terms of competencies. But people don’t use competencies to describe their lives - they use moments. Here’s why moments are the best way to develop your leaders.

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3 Steps to Effectively Move Beyond ‘Sales Coaching’;

Sales coahcing

Sales coaching is a catchall term that, if not effectively managed, won’t actually help even good salespeople get better at selling. Organizations that want to improve their sales teams while still cultivating a dynamic company environment need to move beyond sales coaching.

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bts sales index

BTS is excited to announce the release of the BTS Sales Index, a predictive monthly metric that gives enterprise leaders the right vantage point by which to view their critical business decisions. To learn more, read the October index update here.