Cracking the Code: The Secrets of Successful Strategy Execution & Lessons for the C-Suite Survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit



New Research Exposes Top Strategy Execution Drivers & Reveals CEOs Overestimate Their Company’s Ability to Execute Strategy

Based on a global survey of over two hundred executives, senior leaders and managers conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, "Cracking the Code" explores how to maximize the full potential of strategic initiatives by focusing on the people part of the strategy execution equation.

BTS Strategy Execution Levers

The research reveals the critical enablers of effective strategy execution, details the leadership actions and behaviors that deliver the greatest impact, and explores key organizational challenges and disconnects that companies must overcome to realize results.

  • Strategy Development or Execution? Companies who adopt a balanced approach between strategy formulation and implementation outperform competitors.
  • High vs. Low Performing Companies: Alignment, Mindset and Capability drive exceptional execution and deliver tangible results.
  • Execution Capability: Leaders’ capabilities are identified as the most important predictor of an organization’s ability to execute.
  • High-Impact Leadership Behaviors: A hands-on approach to implementation is proven to pay dividends, enabling strategy to effectively cascade down into an organization.
  • Top Strategy Execution Challenge: Leaders at top-performing organizations perceive cross-company collaboration as the biggest impediment to effective strategy execution.
  • CEOs Overestimate Company’s Ability to Execute: Without an accurate understanding of their organization's abilities, CEOs will struggle to take the necessary actions to drive skill development and effective execution.

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