Acceleration Series

Acceleration Series

We’ve taken our 20 years of research and experience with leading sales teams and created a modular system that allows you to quickly develop a sales approach to make your people Accelerator Sellers fast. Rather than focus on specific skills, we focus on the situations, or moments, that sellers and managers encounter, and we prepare people with the set of skills needed to succeed in those moments. You choose the moments that make sense for your sellers. The moments can be customized and delivered by BTS, or you can customize and deliver them. Best of all, these one-hour modules can be delivered in classroom settings or virtual online sessions with small or large teams.

Each Acceleration Module includes:

  • Impact Maps show you the behaviors that will change and how they connect to the results you care about
  • Simulation lets sellers practice new skills in a risk-free environment
  • Coaching Accelerators help managers coach to Great quickly
  • Know-How defines how to identify the moment and then what Great looks like
  • Go-Do’s are small structured steps that help your sellers take risks in front of customers
  • Tools help your sellers execute Great in the field
  • Assessments create a baseline of seller performance and then measure improvement over time

List of Acceleration Modules:

  • Planning Your Week: Choose Time With Customers
  • Engaging an Executive: Continually Build Credibility
  • Initial Negotiation: Expand the Field of Play
  • Cross-Selling: Identify Complements
  • Resolving Objections: Combat Concerns Constructively
  • Renewing a Deal: Cement Partnership through Insight
  • Resolving a Customer Problem: Solve for More
  • Prioritizing Accounts and Opportunities: Lean into Strengths
  • Sharing an Insight: Connect Trends to Priorities
  • Developing an Account Strategy: Choose Time With Customers
  • Forecasting Sales: Avoid Overconfidence Intelligently
  • Presenting a Proposal: Co-Create Vision via Discussion
  • Managing Dissatisfaction: Fix Systemic Issues
  • Handing Off an Account: Follow the Process
  • High-Potential Prospecting: Segment Smart
  • Time-Constrained Discovery: Individualize Questions Fast
  • Developing a Territory Plan: Diversify to De-Risk
  • Up-Selling: Uncover Improvement Opportunities
  • Structuring a Deal: Align Internal and External Business Drivers
  • Conducting a Business Review: Bring Actionable, Data-Driven Recommendations
  • Asking for Referrals: Connect Their Experience to Others

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