Accelerator Selling

Accelerator Selling

Accelerator Sellers achieve customers’ desired results faster by activating the business and people dynamics that advance customer decision making.

Your Challenge

Your salespeople and marketers face a challenging world. Their buyers have more information than ever, but that creates complexity for them and slows their decisions. They also wrestle with the competing needs of multiple stakeholders and struggle to keep up with changing corporate priorities. It seems as if the world is speeding up, yet it is increasingly challenging for customers to make good decisions quickly.

We call this the Buyer’s Paradox: Buying decisions are slower despite customers’ desire for agility, and, as a result, your sales cycles are more unpredictable.

The Answer Our Research Revealed

Working with the world’s best sales and marketing organizations and through extensive customer and sales research, we’ve built a new sales approach that succeeds in the face of this paradox. We call it Accelerator Selling.

Accelerator Sellers:

  • Align stakeholders
  • Inspire confident and speedier customer decision making
  • Help customers manage complexity and changing priorities
  • Drive customer results

Accelerator Sellers engage customers and prioritize sales activity using business and people dynamics.

The best salespeople in the world use business acumen to understand their customer’s financial targets, strategy, and market to connect their solutions to what matters to their customer most. They master the people dynamics of their client organizations to win the hearts and minds of diverse stakeholders in their own authentic way. Top salespeople also master the business and people dynamics of their own companies, knowing which sales activities will best drive their results and how to collaborate internally to execute for customers.

Accelerator Sellers individualize the buyer experience to speed stakeholder alignment and confident decision making, and they prioritize sales activity to accelerate their pipelines.

Accelerator Selling from BTS is about inspiring better decisions and driving exceptional results.

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