Deep Customization

Deep Customization

Our philosophy begins by minimizing complexity and focusing on what great people in your organization already do. Then we align that with our extensive research and experience with leading sales forces, all in the context of your marketplace realities.

Custom Sales Engagements

We create custom sales methods, assessments, and trainings using the Great Framework, which ensures that your reps know what Great looks like, have been measured against it, have practiced it, and have the tools to get it done in the field.


Why do pilots spend so much time in flight simulators? Because when they get intense practice handling difficult situations, they respond instinctively when they encounter those situations in real life. We craft experiences that build sales capabilities for the same reason—to allow your people to understand their customers and make decisions in a risk-free, yet realistic, environment. BTS has built enterprise strategy simulations for C-suites for 30 years, and we use that DNA to let your people practice selling to your customers.

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