Sales and Marketing Offerings

Sales and Marketing Offerings

Field and inside salespeople, key account managers, channel partners:

  • Engaging buyers
    • Business Acumen
      • Customer financial targets, strategic initiatives, and customer’s customers and competition
      • Delivering unexpected insights, individualizing buyer value propositions, business case agility
      • Collaborative negotiation, simplifying solutions, and structuring trials
    • People Dynamics
      • Buyer/stakeholder motivations and priorities, understanding buyers’ digital information-gathering, and pre-call planning
      • Discovery skills
      • Engaging buyers with authenticity and interactivity, creating connections, winning hearts and minds, facilitating alignment among stakeholders, and inspiring customers with a vision
      • Proactivity in advancing the sale and cross-selling
  • Prioritizing sales activity
    • Business Acumen
      • Conscious prioritization of time, accounts, and opportunities
      • Intentional territory planning, well-prepared business reviews, and active pipeline management
      • Dynamic account strategy and segmentation, channel strategy, and pricing strategy
    • People Dynamics
      • Leveraging sales resources, collaborating with and helping others
      • Sales and marketing interaction and integration
      • Managing channel partner relationships

Sales managers: optimizing sales management:

  • Business Acumen
    • Enterprise thinking, focusing on profitability
    • Active pipeline management and data-driven resource allocation
    • Driving transformation
  • People Dynamics
    • Communicating a vision, cascading expectations, and demonstrating executive presence
    • Sales transformation and Sales & Marketing integration
    • Managing change, coaching to drive behavior change, and instilling a sales cadence
    • Maintaining an ownership mindset, collaborating with internal stakeholders, and leveraging sales resources
    • Managing channel partner relationships

Sales resources:

  • Enabling customer success roles to work effectively
  • Collaboration with sellers

Marketers and Sales Development Representatives:

  • Ten building blocks of marketing excellence:
  • Strategic marketing
  • Brand management
  • Channel management
  • Business model generation
  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • Pricing excellence
  • Digital marketing
  • Product management
  • Communication and campaign management
  • Life cycle management

Sales & Marketing leaders:

  • Sales transformation
  • Sales & Marketing integration

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