For Sales LeadersWe change the behavior that drives results. Period

Your Vision, Executed

You have a plan that will take your sales results to the next level. However, your sellers don’t have the skills they will need to execute the plan successfully. BTS brings a dual focus on business results and the behavior change that it takes to drive those results. Part of our process is going native and really becoming members of your team, so that we can really understand what it will take for your sellers to be successful.

Flexible Style

If we need to do more traditional consulting work, and dig into your customers' buying cycles in order to build a sales process from the ground up, we always keep in mind the reps in the field who will have to implement it. We've seen too many complicated consulting PowerPoints get put on the shelf because one or both of these groups was left out.

Driven By Behavior

Once we know what results you want to achieve, we link them to key behaviors, and then we create the best sales training on the planet. It's not the cheapest, and it’s not the most quickly deployed, but it is the best researched, the most realistically customized, the most business-focused, and the most likely to generate the selling behaviors that lead to success. We change what you want changed.

Lead, On-The-Go

We have a technology platform that helps your people execute their new behaviors in the field. It's in their pocket and on their tablet and their laptop. We provide selling tools, on-going training, and real-time coaching wherever your salespeople are. We take the parts of sales managers' jobs they’re struggling to find the time for and we automate them. Best of all, it's flexible; it can be altered over time, and it integrates with your CRM and LMS. It feeds you back the data you need to make continuous performance improvement.


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