What We DoIdentify and craft high-performance sales behavior, then scale it

Change Behavior

Working with you, we identify your desired business results and leading-indicator metrics. We find the key behaviors that improve sales performance. Then we prove to your sellers that they work.

We craft interactive learning experiences and simulations that build critical new capabilities. Your people practice in a risk-free, yet realistic, environment and walk away with concrete actions to take.

We are a people-focused consulting firm, so what we do always has your people at the center.

Things we do: buyer-centric consulting, sales transformation (planning, change management, and training), assessment and selection, on-the-job execution tools.

Things we don't do: compensation analysis, territory design, coverage models.

In short, we change what your people do when you aren’t looking.

Improve Execution

An Integrated,
On-The-Job Platform

The modern sales manager's job has expanded to the point of near impossibility. We have developed a way to reduce the number of things they are asked to do. Our sales execution platform provides salespeople with the on-the-job assistance that until now came only from managers. It's a gamified, subscription-based set of integrated online tools, accessible from any mobile or desktop device, while people are in the field. Your salespeople get a competitive skill-building environment and easy access to tools. You get data analytics and engagement. Your sales managers get a break.

Sales Research

The world your people sell into isn’t static. Neither is our research.

Leading Proprietary Sales Research

Our point of view is based on proprietary, ongoing research with the world's leading sales forces and the executive buyers around the world. Our research lives and grows with each client engagement as we gain more insight into what great selling looks like today.

Our fundamental finding is that buyers don't get what they want from most salespeople.

Our Approach

Buying Patterns

We examine the buying patterns of your customers and determine what behaviors would increase your value proposition to them.

Key Behaviors

Then we identify the key behaviors that lead your customers to buy, and that are already leading to the success of your top salespeople.


We benchmark against your competitors and industry best practices.

Craft Simulations

We craft simulations that build sales-critical sales capabilities, and we debrief participants so that they have concrete takeaways

Test Drive

Your reps are able to test-drive key behaviors to build confidence for rapid field deployment.

Tools For The Job

Our programs do not stop in the classroom. Your sales force will carry tools with them into the field for on-the-job development and execution.


Throughout, we measure leading-indicator metrics and adapt, so that your desired results are achieved.

Ultimately, we build the capabilities throughout your sales force that leading sales forces are pioneering and that your customers have been asking for.

Our Sales Execution Enablement platform includes:



Onboarding Guides

Links to Collateral and Content

Action Plans and "Go-Do" Activities

Development Plans

Crowd-Sourced Content

Survey Tool


Real-Time Video Coaching

Integration With Your CRM


All in a system that is gamified, personalized, and tailored to give you data analytics.

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