ResearchThe world your people sell into isn’t static. Neither is our research.

Leading Proprietary Sales Research

Our point of view is based on proprietary, ongoing research with the world's leading sales forces and the executive buyers around the world. Our research lives and grows with each client engagement as we gain more insight into what great selling looks like today.

Our fundamental finding is that buyers don't get what they want from most salespeople.

Evolution of Sales

Historically, salespeople who had the best product knowledge had a distinct advantage over their competitors because they could best fill their customers' needs. With the advent of the Internet and increasing globalization, "product selling" was commoditized. Sales forces responded with "solution selling," wrapping together bundles of products and services to solve "problems" that were larger than needs. Then, everyone started doing that. Today, world-class salespeople focus on accelerating customers' desired business results. That takes a level of business acumen that was not needed until now. However, that's what customers want, and they're willing to pay a premium for it.

Non-Linear Buying Cycle

You've probably heard grumblings that your sales cycle isn't aligning as much with customer buying cycles as it used to. The image of a circular buying cycle has been useful in the past, but as the rate of change in market environments increases exponentially, strategic initiatives are more likely to succumb to decision vortices. We've implemented a new non-linear model of the modern buying cycle and created methods for navigating these turbulent waters successfully.



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