Account Strategy Development

Create powerful, analytical, and action-packed plans to manage major accounts

When BTS works to train your salespeople in account strategy development, we create awareness of, and skill in applying, the best strategic practices sales professionals can use to ensure their account plans produce winning results. We develop and deploy a fast, effective approach to developing and executing account strategy that fits your customers and your business. This approach helps them understand and align with their customers' highest goals, take a standard approach to creating and communicating strategy, and execute their strategy even when challenged. Managers are prepared before the workshops to coach during the training. They are also prepared to help their teams implement the process and principles back in the field after the workshop, through strategic coaching and regular account reviews.

Actions characteristics of top sales forces' account strategy development include:

  • Apply an efficient sales process to develop an effective account strategy
  • Determine areas of knowledge needed to create a customer-focused strategy
  • Invest time and energy to maximum effectiveness in an account
  • Align with what the customer values
  • Identify a broader set of individuals in the customer organization with whom relationships must be built
  • Determine buying centers and the opportunities each one offers
  • Create an overall account objective
  • Develop an action plan aligned with the account objective
  • Apply best practices to execute the action plan
  • Recognize obstacles to fulfilling the plan and find ways to avoid or overcome them

Like all of our training work, our account strategy development trainings are driven by simulations and experiential learning. We co-create each program with our clients, but the trainings typically have some of the following elements:

  • Prior to the workshop, salespeople work with their managers to select a key account they will be focusing on, and they gather data about that account.
  • Sales managers are engaged with the principles and practices of the new account strategy development process, so that they will be able to coach their reps effectively.
  • Initially in the workshop, salespeople identify the ideal outcomes and common challenges associated with account strategy development.
  • Participants learn about and use their new account strategy system in the context of a custom scenario. They learn and apply each of the key areas for capturing account information, conducting analyses, and developing an overall account objective.
  • Reps work individually or in account teams on the accounts they selected in their prework to create a new account plan and develop an account objective. They work in pairs to debrief and receive coaching on other areas to consider.
  • Again working individually or in account teams, participants develop an action plan aligned with the account objective. They select best practices most beneficial to their accounts. Finally, they consider roadblocks they might encounter and how to avoid or overcome them.

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