Customer Understanding

Tune in to the needs and interests of your executive customers

We help sales professionals engage executives effectively by providing them with an entirely new framework for their sales efforts — a framework built on an understanding of how value is created. Combining our own global executive research with data from select executives identified by you, BTS trains your reps on what executives believe are the essential components for salespeople to be credible and to gain executive access and ensure maximum relevancy.

In each training for customer understanding that BTS designs, we focus on these core capabilities:

  • Understand the mindset and expectations of the executive customer
  • Establish and build credibility with key executives
  • Understand when key executives are involved in the buying cycle
  • Master an effective model for an executive-focused sales strategy
  • Examine and assess gaps in the reps skills
  • Successfully partner with above- and below-the-gap customers
  • Understand why it’s essential to call on all organizational levels in each customer account
  • Increase the strategic relevance for their products and services
  • Create a specific account plan for the highest-potential prospect

Every BTS training program is created in partnership with you for unparalleled relevance, but some of the following activities are commonly included in the solution:

  • Participants explore the executive’s expectations and discuss the gap between their understanding of an ideal salesperson and that of the actual customers we surveyed.
  • Participants consider the challenge of building credibility and identify their own best practices. Then, they discover the three specific behaviors executives look for to assess credibility.
  • To shift the participants’ perspectives from thinking about their own selling cycle to considering the buying cycles of their customers, they wrestle with research that shows executives are involved in many different stages of the purchasing process.
  • Participants are introduced to a custom buyer priorities model that factors in the differing needs and interests of above-the-gap and below-the-gap buyers.
  • Participants begin to develop an executive-focused strategy. They examine their customers’ external environment, and they consider how they add value to their customers and compete in the marketplace. Then they focus on their customers’ internal operations, the business processes customers use to create the value they present to the market.
  • Participants explore how to create value for below-the-gap buyers by providing solutions and products where customers are looking to solve problems and fill needs.
  • Using what they’ve learned, participants select a prospect, analyze their account, and prepare a concrete action plan, which they then share with a partner or the group for feedback.

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