Quantifying and Communicating Value

Holding value-oriented executive conversations

Our research shows that executives give their business to salespeople who can have strategic business conversations and can prove the value of their solutions. We design trainings that teach salespeople to get beyond price and to express the value their offerings bring to their executive customers. We work to change the way reps think about and interact with executive customers by unveiling proven techniques to communicate their offerings in the context of what each customer values. We enable salespeople to calculate the true value of their offerings and empower them to be more successful when calling on executive customers.

The specific capabilities we have found to be necessary for salespeople to quantify and communicate value at an exceptional level are:

  • Calculate the qualitative and quantitative value of their offerings
  • Translate the value of their offerings to each individual customer
  • Shift from making presentations to leading interactive, consultative conversations
  • Uncover the links between their offerings and the unique business challenges each customer faces, using high-impact questions
  • Employ models to express complicated, abstract concepts
  • Practice building relationships by focusing on the customer’s success and by aligning their offerings to real customers

BTS works with you to create custom tools that are then deployed with some of the following training experiences to drive higher-level executive conversations:

  • Participants evaluate how their offerings provide specific qualitative and quantitative value to their customers. They describe the profits or savings that an offering generates and apply quantitative formulas to estimate profits, savings, or other benefits.
  • Value Calculator cards are created specifically for your organization and product portfolio. These cards provide a verbal description and a formula for determining the monetary value of product and service offerings to an average customer.
  • Reps consider their own customers and select the Value Calculator card that will have the greatest impact. Then, they apply the formula to their own customer and calculate the customer-specific value of their offering.
  • Participants already know that planning for a meeting with an executive requires more than reading the client’s 10-K, but they typically don’t know the right steps. We provide them with a model to consider executive business challenges in a current account and to strategize how to link and communicate the value of their offerings in the context of those challenges.
  • Using the Value Calculator cards, high-impact questions, and a mental model, participants work in teams to prepare a presentation for a different customer that focuses on value, not just features and benefits or business solutions. Then, teams role-play the customer presentation to the group.
  • Working in pairs or teams, participants role-play a meeting with an actual customer, applying their newly learned value-alignment techniques to build the customer’s perception of value. Then, they provide coaching and feedback to each other.

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