Results-Focused Selling

The understanding, skills, and tools that salespeople need to deliver maximum value

Based on years of global sales research, the results-focused sales skills training that BTS creates reflects the realities of selling in today’s business-to-business environment. Our research shows that customers today want salespeople who deeply understand their businesses, and they want their purchases to impact their desired business results as rapidly as possible. We focus on the four key areas that our research has shown lead to success: aligning your sales process with the customer’s buying cycle, asking high-impact questions that focus on desired business results, co-creating solutions with clients, and advancing at every stage of the buying process.

All of BTS’ results-focused sales skills training seeks these world-class sales outcomes:

  • Transition from conversations about products and solutions to conversations about business results
  • Build a deep understanding of the customer’s business priorities and the trends affecting his or her business
  • Understand the customer’s buying cycle and how to accelerate it by meeting the customer’s needs
  • Practice asking high-impact questions that create value and uncover the customer’s interests
  • Develop advanced questioning skills to explore the customer’s desired business results
  • Map proposed solutions to the customer’s business priorities
  • Recognize the customer’s business priorities and align them with the customer’s definition of value
  • Understand what closing looks like at each phase

Our sales training programs are driven by our global sales research, your high performers, and customer buying trends. They typically include some of the following components:

  • Prework that deepens the participants’ understanding of the customers’ world by exploring market trends and business priorities. It also helps them better understand their own customer’s world. This work regarding their own customer is used for skill practice and group discussions during the program.
  • Pre-meeting that unveils the principles and practices of the program to sales managers. It also prepares them to coach participants both during and after the program.
  • A learning experience, typically lasting two-days, in which participants engage in discovery learning in a classroom setting. The programs combine engage maps, customized scenario-based simulations, “real-plays” (role-plays concerning real customer situations), and valuable tools for post-workshop use.
  • Access to on-the job tools that engage participants in go-dos and resources that enhance execution and ensure behavior change.

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