Sales Management Execution

Enabling salespeople to perform at the highest level

BTS research indicates that sales managers drive business results through their own effective leadership. Our sales management training empowers sales managers to focus on achieving maximum productivity. We do this by helping managers recognize the key levers they can pull in three categories: lead, develop, and execute. Top-notch sales managers consistently do all three.

We believe sales managers today need the capability to:

  • Communicate a compelling vision and set meaningful expectations
  • Convey an executive presence when leading salespeople
  • Maximize sales performance by reinforcing sales best practices
  • Prioritize developmental activities to achieve their business plans
  • Deploy a cadence for their team to support the development priorities
  • Adopt an ownership mindset to drive results
  • Successfully manage internal stakeholders to accelerate results
  • Effectively use data and analytics to direct sales activitie

We work with you to design the training that is most applicable for your sales managers’ sellers, customers, and markets, and we typically organize the program around the three categories of sales management behaviors:

  • Lead — We pinpoint aligned vision as the source of peak performance and offer specific tools to enhance the sales team’s willingness and ability to achieve results. Using real-world challenges or roadblocks that sales managers face every day, participants collaborate to identify leadership characteristics and adopt behaviors that will help them lead salespeople successfully.
  • Develop — We challenge sales managers to achieve greater levels of performance by developing their sales teams. We provide a model to stimulate the agility necessary for salespeople to perform in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This section helps sales managers realize that development is about changing behavior, as they explore their critical role in helping salespeople navigate through change.
  • Execute — BTS offers a process for adopting an ownership mindset focused on achieving results. Sales managers explore ways to manage internal stakeholders in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Finally, using a customized case study, sales managers review and analyze data to identify meaningful trends, detect sales opportunities for growth, and create action plans to drive higher levels of performance.

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