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Community Offerings through Avocado Vision

Thursday, October 22, 2015 | Category :
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In March 2015, BTS acquired AVO Vision, a leading South Africa-based company focused on corporate and community learning and development. 

AVO Vision operates in the communication, learning and development and connecting space. The company empowers clients by giving them the tools necessary to become powerful leaders and communicators, accelerating individuals' growth. AVO Vision's core offering includes programs designed to support and further build people's leadership, management, self-mastery and sales execution skills.

The following community-focused offerings are part of their business portfolio:

Footprint - Financial literacy and other enabling life skills delivered in urban and rural communities countrywide. Innovative bottom-of-the-pyramid delivery methods include embedded trainers growing micro-enterprise training companies and delivering picture-based learning content in local languages. Pricing in this channel is very compelling, enabling corporate organisations to reach many more people for available budgets, thereby increasing impact and reach.

Greenhouse - Practical and basic money-management and business decision-making skills delivered to micro enterprises in communities across South Africa. As with Footprint - innovative distribution models ensure empowerment, sustainability and effective delivery of solutions at the bottom of the pyramid. 



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