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From Office to Jungle: An Individual Employee's Effort

Thursday, October 22, 2015 | Category :
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Leaving the Helsinki office behind for a few weeks, BTS leader Tony Enholm traveled to Borneo to help save endangered orangutans. Winning the 2014 Employee of the Year award in BTS Northern Europe, Tony was rewarded with a volunteer trip. Every year, the winner of this award receives the opportunity to complete two weeks of pro bono work in any transitioning or developing country in the world. Past locations for these trips include: 

  • Tanzania
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand

"The timing could not have been better. I had long thought about getting involved in a charity," Tony reflected. In Borneo, Tony participate in a project run by a local volunteer organization as well as the World Wildlife Fund in Malaysia to support the reverse the rapid deforestation in the region. As timber sales increase and demand for palm oil grows, the local rainforest and diverse fauna are threatened. This loss of habitat has lead to a rapid decline in orangutan populations, which are already threatened by hunting and a flourishing pet trade.

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