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Developing Villages

BTS’s financial contribution supports Hand in Hand operations at the village of Thenputhur. Our activities are helping women to strengthen their role within the family and change their life situation in the long-run. The main objectives of the engagement include fighting child labor by investing in a new school, improving nutrition and hygiene, building infrastructure, and supporting entrepreneurship.

I visited a new school in the Thenputhur, and the cheers from 40 young students, all huddled on the sand floor, were incredibly inspiring and rewarding. The commitment in the villages, mostly among the women responsible for the development projects, is strong and the progress is great. We are very grateful to Hand in Hand for enabling us to help in such a concrete way.

Stefan Hellberg, Executive Vice President

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Community Development in South Africa

100,000 People Trained







In March 2015, BTS acquired AVO Vision, a leading South Africa-based company focused on corporate and community learning and development. During 2017, the ownership transferred to another company with a better fit to AVO Vision’s business model, but BTS still has still part ownership of the company.

AVO Vision’s community-focused offerings are designed to empower people in both urban and rural communities through building leadership, management, self-mastery and sales execution skills, which are a key part of the AVO Vision business portfolio. Approximately 100,000 individuals have been trained through different programs – including tens of thousands of women and schoolchildren. Our innovative projects build from the bottom up, creating financial literacy and life skills in urban and rural communities throughout South Africa. Embedded trainers are growing micro-enterprise training companies and delivering experiential learning in local languages. The ease and cost of deployment is compelling, enabling corporate organizations to reach many more people with available budgets, thereby increasing impact and reach.


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