Environmental Efforts

Climate change is recognized as a compelling international issue with several stakeholders taking action from national governments to individual citizens. At BTS, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our daily operations and invest to preserve the environment.

We aim to integrate sustainable practices to our offices around the globe through recycling practices and other initiatives. For instance, the Stockholm office invested in bikes from Vélosophy in 2016 to allow employees to get around in a sustainable manner. In addition to our contributions on a more local scale we have a global impact through our collaboration with Rainforest Trust.

Rainforest Trust

Since 2010, BTS USA has partnered with Rainforest Trust, a leading organization working to protect tropical ecosystems and wildlife. Together, BTS and Rainforest Trust collaborate on sustainability campaigns to preserve threatened rainforests and offset carbon emissions. BTS’ annual donations have helped protect more than 18,000 acres of rainforest worldwide.

What the numbers mean

For every 5 acres of Rainforests that are protected, 3,675 metric tons of carbon dioxide are protected as well. If released into the atmosphere, that would match the yearly carbon dioxide released by 781 US cars.

Since BTS first started working with Rainforest trust we have protected a total of 29,324 acres of rainforest. This means that we've offset the emission of over 21,5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide as of 2019.

BTS continues to be a leader in conservation efforts and is a highly valued partner to Rainforest Trust.

Dr. Paul Salaman, CEO of Rainforest Trust


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