Gregory L. Walters, President & CEO, Integrated Device Technology
Business Acumen with
Immediate Application
While most business and financial acumen programs focus on acquiring intellectual knowledge, BTS focuses on learning with immediate application."

Gregory L. Waters
President & CEO, Integrated Device Technology
Developing Business Acumen

Mark Bertolini Chairman, CEO & President, Aetna Inc
Improving Strategy Execution
BTS is helping us improve execution of our new strategy to achieve the results our shareholders and customers expect."

Mark Bertolini
Chairman, CEO & President, Aetna Inc.
Accelerating Strategy Execution

Executing a Roadmap for Growth
Winning is going to require new capabilities, models and innovations."

Muhtar Kent
CEO, The Coca Cola Company
Coke's Roadmap for Growth

Embracing a New Strategy
We are inventing a new business."

Michel Landel
CEO, Sodexo
Inspiring a New Business at Sodexo

Simulating a Better Health Care System
Peoples' perspective can change rapidly when you use experiential learning."

Debra Gmelin
Corporate Director, Humana
The Health Economy Simulator
Accelerating Strategy Execution
BTS accelerates strategy execution by building alignment, mindset and capability."

Henrik Ekelund
About BTS

Accelerating Strategy Implementation and Driving Results

BTS is a world leading strategy implementation firm that accelerates execution by building the alignment, mindset and capability needed to deliver superior business impact. The company leverages customized business simulations and experiential learning initiatives to help clients achieve better results, faster.   Learn More About BTS »

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