The Keys to Developing Great Leaders

A study from BTS and the Economist Intelligence Unit titled Cracking the Code to Successful Strategy Execution showed that companies with great leaders significantly outperform their peers. Yet it is a well-known fact that most corporate leadership training programs are ineffective. We have identified the common culprits behind why most leadership development initiatives fail to support company strategies and business results, but more importantly we have defined the success factors and a new approach that helps companies and their leaders achieve great performance and execution.

We believe it’s time for business leaders to take back the investment and development of their leaders – arguably the most valuable asset of their business – at every level: executive, high potential, mid-level, front-line and newly hired . And we know that when you “Define Great, Assess Great, Experience Great and Execute Great ,” you can move the mean on leadership performance and strategy execution in your company.

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Executive Leaders Moving Quickly

Accelerating Executive Leadership Development 10 Considerations For Your High Potential (HiPo) Program

InsightsStrong leadership is the lynchpin of business successmand developing future executives from among the high potential ranks is critical to sustaining competitive advantage long-term.

Empty Conference Room, Need Leader Development

Where Have All the General Managers Gone? High Potential Leader Development

InsightsExecution starts with good strategic alignment but surprisingly few can articulate a shared description of what their strategy is.

Leader Working on Tablet

World Class Performance Management Capabilities that Accelerate Strategy Execution

InsightsPerformance management – when done well – has the power to accelerate strategy implementation by building alignment, creating the right mindset and promoting the capabilities needed to execute.

High Performing Employee

Practical Onboarding How to Quickly Develop High Performing, Engaged Employees

InsightsOnboarding can and should be one of the most exciting, dynamic and defining moments in an employee’s career.

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