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Through decades of extensive client work, our view on the definition of assessment has developed. We define assessment as the approach and tools used to evaluate a candidate’s fit with a given role or company culture and the development areas of existing talent as a precursor to learning and development activities.

Always begin with the end in mind - Define the “great” standard from the start. That standard will help with the design of assessment, selection, and development content.

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Alternative Hiring Methods

Harvard Business Review:
3 Emerging Alternatives to Traditional Hiring Methods

The traditional vetting and selection process is no longer efficient enough for today’s competitive market. Here are 3 ways to hire smarter.

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Frustrated Manager

New York Times:
The Hidden Costs of Bad Hiring

Bad hires can cost your organization significant investments in time and money. Learn why job and culture fit are so important for your new hires.

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Diverse Business Professionals

Wall Street Journal:
How to Increase Workplace Diversity

Research shows that more diverse organizations perform better. Find out how to improve this critical aspect of your workforce and drive your business further.

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Woman performing a test

Harvard Business Review:
When Hiring, First Test, and Then Interview

Learn why assessments are a critical part of the vetting process for new applicants. In today’s competitive market, selectivity is essential for efficiency.

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Woman answering questions

New York Times:
Getting to Know You Is as Easy as A, B, C, or D

Assessments are an increasingly utilized part of the hiring process. Here’s why assessments can help you hire better people, saving your business time and money.

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Woman writing notes on her arm

Harvard Business Review:
Ace the Assessment

In today’s rapidly changing job market, organizations are using assessments for selection more than ever. Learn what to expect on your pre-hire assessment.

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