Turning Coaching on its Head

Execution is never easy. We know that people need to try out new ideas, mindsets, behaviors and skills before they value them, master them, and become great at them. Yet we often hear our clients express the difficulty of ensuring the application of great behaviors while sparking sustained change and driving business results. To bridge this “knowing-doing” gap and move people from experiencing great to executing on it, we are delighted, through our merger with Coach in a Box, to be able to offer the world’s most innovative coaching solution.

Coaching should not be an exclusive offering reserved just for the executives at the top; we believe in coaching for the many, not the few. Through our research and data-driven approach, we have successfully disrupted the market and made coaching into a practical tool to turn strategy into action throughout an organization.

We are relentlessly focused on the impact of coaching to the individual, their teams and the business. We believe that personalized learning is critical to success in the 21st century, and that it is possible to create a specific solution for each individual and organizational need.

Unlike traditional coaching companies who concentrate solely on the one-on-one coaching experience, our coaches and our unique web-based platform measure individual and collective progress against pre-determined metrics and business outcomes. We provide you with our coaches’ insights and data on a regular basis. Every coaching engagement is tailored to fit the unique needs and goals of your company, your culture and your leaders.

What Makes Us Different

A Truly Global Community

We are a global community of over 200 coaches based in 37 countries, with capabilities to coach in 26 languages, which we've used to coach over 34,000 leaders at 155 companies worldwide. Our vibrant learning community includes high investment in ongoing professional development, community learning calls and activity days, online resources and more.

Rigorous Focus on Quality

We have a rigorous focus on globally consistent quality. All our coaches are professionally qualified and experienced, and the majority are affiliated with ICF, EMCC or AC - but they also have that "spark" of passion and engagement that sets them above the rest. All coaches go through rigorous onboarding, ongoing supervision and support and are required to receive nearly 200 hours of comprehensive training in our materials and intellectual property.

The 12 ShiftsMake Every Coaching Moment Count

As the first movers globally in scalable coaching, we have been pioneering innovation to make every minute of coaching count. From a unique database of 120,000 coaching conversations we have distilled the mindset changes that managers struggle with most: the 12 Shifts. This has enabled us to build a set of IP containing the tools, approaches or insights that best enable change against these shifts. Every leader on a BTS Coach program has access to this resource, and we use it our research to laser in on the shift that makes the biggest impact in every engagement.

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