Business Simulator

Business Simulator is a computer-based simulation that allows users to gain years of business experience by running a simulated company.

As CEO of a start-up consumer products business with $500,000 of venture capital, the user is challenged to build and manage a firm over twenty-five simulated years.

Business Simulator provides users with a clear understanding of the total business picture. It enhances decision-making skills and enables participants to recognize the effectiveness of major business decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels.

How It Works

During the simulation workshop, participants work together or as individuals in the role of a management team in charge of a new startup company. The user enters the world of fierce competition and high finance by gaining essential insights into every phase of a company’s development: start-up, growth, independence, new product development, and expansion into new territories. As the company grows, the user makes increasingly complex decisions involving marketing, production, factory capacity planning, research and development, and finance.

Computer-generated financial and market data is provided to participants on their own company and their competitors in the form of annual reports, trade journals and pro-forma financial statements. These help participants analyze their decisions, take corrective actions, and examine their industry stance. On-line tutorial and consulting features explain hundreds of business and financial concepts and help the users define objectives and allocate resources to carry out their business plans.

It enhances decision-making skills and enables participants to recognize the effectiveness of major business decisions

Simulation Benefits

By experiencing BTS’s Business Simulator, participants can implement different decisions and immediately see the impact of their strategic and tactical decisions on company operations, refine their analytical skills, and practice planning and problem-solving techniques. The participants evaluate economic forecasts, market share and competitive strategies.

Business Simulator Simulation Interaction Screens

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