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What is the definition of sales? Sales is the process of uncovering and defining the needs of an organization, and then customizing offerings to fit those needs. This includes negotiating terms and pricing to allow the organization to efficiently allocate their resources while achieving their goals.

What is the definition of marketing? We look at marketing as the process of developing, promoting, and selling products or services. Its role is essential for every organization to create awareness of its company and products, capture value, establish a trusted brand, and gain customers’ support. Below are our insights around defining and executing effective branding and marketing, as well as some of the latest articles on the subject from top publications.

Every learning need have its own solution: quick steps built into a checklist, concepts that provide background information and so on. Most of all, it should be designed for application in the moment of need.

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Building a rocket ship

Andreessen Horowitz:
Smart things to learn about sales and marketing

How do you build a sales organization? This video covers the three phases of learning sales (“the sales learning curve”) and repeatable sales models, to when and who to hire in sales reps

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People sitting on table with laptops

David Perell:
Marketing is the Galapagos Islands of human behavior

In the world of marketing, emotions trump truth. One powerful signal is worth one-thousand facts. Since the creation of mass media, a small number of sophisticated individuals have molded mass consciousness.

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People sitting on table with laptops

Growth Loops are the New Funnels

This system is just the beginning. We need new frameworks and tools to think about how products grow that incorporate these changes to growth and the lessons we've learned.

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The 2018 Stratechery Year in Review

Ben Thompson is the smartest person writing about tech and strategy today (I’d argue business generally). Anyone thinking about marketing and sales in today’s world needs to understand the tech landscape to see where the world is moving

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Discovering the Best Sales Enablement Tools and Software

With increased competition and heightened buyer power, sales operations and processes have had to become more complex to provide prospects with the right content at the right time.

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How to Define Your Ideal Customer Profile for Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) has shot to popularity in recent years because it offers teams a focused, structured way to develop personal relations with their curated lists of target accounts.

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Sales Engagement – The Definitive Guide

Today’s sales leaders overwhelmingly name sales engagement – that is, interactions between sales reps and buyers or prospective buyers – as their top priority.

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Chain Link

Harvard Business Review:
When Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned, Both Suffer

One Fortune 250 B2B company spent a quarter of a million dollars solving the wrong problem – because their sales and marketing teams weren’t aligned. Learn why alignment is essential for the success of both.

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Business Person

WSJ and Deloitte:
How Marketing and Sales Can Align to Drive Growth

How does the alignment of sales and marketing grow your business? The answer is alignment on customer engagement, measurement, talent, and technology. Here’s how.

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Business Leadership Tools

Marketing and Sales Must Be Aligned at All Times

What is more important for marketing? Generating a high volume of leads or closing a higher percentage? Learn why the two aren’t mutually exclusive and how partnership with sales can drive greater growth.

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Point at Screen

Harvard Business Review:
Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing

When the business isn’t doing well, marketing tends to blame sales and sales tends to blame marketing. However, the playing the blame game isn’t an effective solution. Learn how to end the war between sales and marketing.

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Arms and Gears

Sales and Marketing Alignment Often Fails for B2B Companies and Here’s How to Fix That

Your organization has identified that the alignment of sales and marketing is critical for success. But your efforts aren’t moving the needle. Here are the common pitfalls that most B2B companies face.

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