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You have a vision for the sales force that can carry out your plan. But where your sellers are today isn’t going to get it done.

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Above all, sales enablers need visibility into field operations and an understanding of what levers they can pull.

For Sales Training

In the talent economy, training is critical to building and sustaining competitive advantage.

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The Sales tRaining World is Changing and Fast

The Non-linear Buying Cycle and How Consultative Selling Must Change From Pony Rides to Rodeos

White PaperThe sales world is changing and fast. As customers worldwide reengineer their buying processes, the idea of a circular, closed-loop cycle is losing its validity and usefulness.

Sales Effectiveness: How your Customer Buys

7 Sales Techniques from Leading FMCG Sales Forces Learning from Smores

White PaperExplore the sales innovations driving results at top FMCG companies, and learn the tools to think about how your customer buys, and not just how your company sells.

Sales Training and Transformation

Why Customers are Taking Longer to Make Buying Decisions Turbulent Skies

White PaperLook at what happens in the customer buying process when the pace of change increases to a point that it causes what we are referring to as “turbulence.”

Sales Cycle Illustration

The Evolution of Sales

VideoHow B2B selling has changed over the decades based on proprietary BTS research.

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