Ignite Faster Change And Stronger Sales Performance

Selling Vision: The X→XY→Y selling Formula for Driving Results

Selling Vision is a step-by-step guide to creating and selling change. By implementing new change management strategies into their unique X→XY→Y selling methodology, the authors:

  • Propose a new logic for thinking about and executing major sales transformations
  • Examine these transformations from the customer’s perspective and how their changing buying patterns suggest a particular way of focusing selling activities
  • Consider the perspective of salespeople and what they can do to sell change to their customers
  • Look at how sales leaders and managers can change the way their organizations sell products or services
  • Highlight the pivotal moments that determine the success of major change initiatives

This book provides immediate actions you can take and experiments you can conduct to find the right direction for future sales efforts at any level of an organization.

How you respond to changing sales dynamics will determine your company’s success, that of your customers, and, to a great extent, your own personal career goals and future.

A Ground Breaking Approach to Selling in a World Demanding Change

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