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Accelerating Women Executives
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BTS has partnered with USC Marshall School of Business to launch Accelerating Women Executives (AWE), a unique, six-month development experience for high-potential women leaders designed to accelerate them to the executive level.

A Business Problem We Need to Solve

Every year Fortune magazine publishes a list of the 500 largest companies in the United States. Amongst the most recent group of Fortune 500 CEOs, there are just 24 women – representing a mere 4.8 percent of the list. Women are outpacing men in college and master’s degree completion, and account for about half (47 percent) of the U.S. labor force, but are glaringly absent from the executive ranks.

Barriers to Women in the C-Suite

So why don’t more women get to the executive ranks? It is hard to decisively point to one cause. Women are more likely than men to face systemic unconscious bias, have fewer role models, be required to prove their performance versus being selected for potential, and are less likely to have sponsors throughout their career to help them rise in the organization. Research also tells us that women are less likely to receive the strategic development necessary to advance into executive positions than men.

Our Approach

Pairing USC Marshall’s exceptional research faculty with BTS’ deep expertise in experiential learning, Accelerating Women Executives is designed to help women on executive succession paths advance into executive roles in their organizations. Focusing specifically on the institutional barriers that block women from rising to the top in their organizations, AWE includes every development strategy that has been proven to accelerate learning and growth into a six-month experience.

Our approach is differentiated by five critical elements: unique assessments, providing pre- and post-program evaluation examining critical executive behaviors and mindsets; high-impact workshops, allowing participants to practice leading global multibillion-dollar companies while facing realistic challenges in a simulated, risk-free environment; executive coaching, providing support and learning reinforcement before, during, and after workshops; executive sponsorship, equipping the leaders who support high-potential women with the skills necessary to support success and addressing one of the major hinderances to women advancing in business; a rich network of peers, connecting executive women across industries.

The Target Participant

Our target woman is a senior executive who is on a succession plan and is targeted for a C-suite role in 3-7 years. Titles will vary, so it is important that this woman leads a large team and budget, is a leader of leaders, and has a sponsor in the organization. It is also critical that she wants to be in the C-suite in the near future and is committed to the development that will accelerate her readiness for the C-suite.

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