Sales Kick-off Design Principles first things first, be clear about what your real goals are.

Reasons Organizations
Have Sales Kick-Offs

Looks Like

What Not So Great
Looks Like

It’s a status symbol. You take over Vegas or Beijing to show the world how successful you were last year and will be this year.

High production value and a build-up of anticipation going into new announcements. (Think Apple release.)

Too backward looking and self-congratulatory. Doesn’t set up the future.

It’s for face-to-face relationship building that doesn’t happen in the field.

Social events are designed to create valuable interactions with new people.

The open bar where people just spend time with known colleagues. Or forced networking with people who might not be relevant..

It’s a time to rally the troops around a new strategy.

Align the leadership team to put the strategy and path to change in customer-centric terms that matter to Sales Reps.

An inwardly focused strategy presentation that doesn’t resonate with Sales Reps.

A once-a-year platform for bi-directional knowledge transfer.

Intentional presentation of new information AND activities that gather knowledge from the field via crowdsourcing.

A passive, one-way dialogue that doesn't take advantage of time face-to-face.

It’s a way to reward your people, build the team culture, and show you’re invested.

Self-directed, elective, and informal competition or challenges that fit culturally and keep people present.

Mandatory fun.

It’s a time to help your people develop skills.

Is this the first of many trainings? Give an overview of what’s to come. If not, focus solely on one or two skills that can be honed in the limited amount of time.

The assumption that you can overhaul an entire sales force in a kick-off. Or doing training the last day as a bolt-on.

We partner with leading sales organizations, helping them drive results through their SKOs. Pulling from our vast, skill-building expertise and our fun, interactive content, we’d love to help you ideate your goals and discover ways for you to achieve them. (Cool, right?)

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